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Not to be confused with Joey Styles.
Joey Stylez
Birth name Joseph Dale Marlin Laplante
Born (1981-05-14) May 14, 1981 (age 35)
Origin Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Genres Hip hop, Rap, Street Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, rapper, producer
Years active 2001–present
Labels Universal, Sony, Stressed Street, Flight Academy Music
Associated acts Swagg Boss, Ty Dolla Sign, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called Red, Moka Only, Winnipeg's Most, SDK, The Weeknd, Michael Rushden

Joseph Dale Marlin LaPlante (born May 14, 1981), better known for his stage name Joey Stylez, is a First Nations Canadian singer-songwriter, rapper, hip-hop artist, First Nations activist, fashion designer.

Early life[edit]

1981-2000: Beginnings[edit]

Lorna Colleen Heiber (born c. 1960) is Métis Catholic.[1] She was formerly heavily involved in Métis politics, having served as a Métis leader including Acting President of the Métis Nation—Saskatchewan in 2004. Lorna is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal. Dale Gary LaPlante (born c. 1960) is Plains Cree and is active in First Nations and Canadian Federal Politics. He has worked hand in hand with Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Phil Fontaine.


2001-2006: Mixtapes and 50 Cent[edit]

His break came when he was asked to open for 50 Cent in Saskatoon, only one night after his uncle, Isho Hana,[2] was shot and killed in a drug related killing on Preston Avenue in 2004.[3]

2007-2008: XXL & Living Proof[edit]

In June 2007 Stylez was on the front page of[4] The StarPhoenix got a feature in mega hip hop Bible XXL (magazine) and ranking on CBC's list of top 25 Canadian MC's of all time, solidifying his street cred as a Canadian MC worth watching.[5] In 2008 his controversial song and video for Living Proof reached #4 on Much Music's Rap City.[5]

Joey Stylez was featured in the Star Phoenix with his friends Trent Duff and Sean Horse to show off his fashion success and billboard at Idylwyld Drive and 20th Street, downtown Saskatoon.[6][7]

2009: The Blackstar[edit]

His debut studio album The Blackstar was released on November 23, 2009. The title is taken from Joseph's Kookum (grandmother in traditional Plains Cree) name, Christina (Laplante) Blackstar. Kookum was a traditional Plains Cree woman who never spoke English and practiced all the sacred ceremonies.[8]

The Blackstar was a great success earning Stylez three Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, including Best Music Video for his song "Sugarcane" (2009), Best Pop Album (2010) and Songwriter of the Year (2010).[9] In 2011 Joey received a nomination for Aboriginal Album of the Year for this project.[10]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Year Details Songs Recognition
Trap Famous 2006 Mixtape
Chief of the North 2007 Mixtape XXL feature
The Blackstar 2009 Studio Album
  1. Intro
  2. Indian Outlaw
  3. She Luvs Me
  4. Kool Runnin
  5. Sugar Cane (feat. Big Sav)
  6. Joey
  7. All Alone (feat. Lancelot Knight)
  8. Basterds
  9. Dirty Mind
  10. Living Proof
  11. Gorgeous Gangster (feat. HellnBack)
  12. We Get This
  13. Jail Byrd
  14. Lift You Up
  • APCMA Best Music Video (won)
  • APCMA Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year (won)
  • APCMA Best Pop CD (won)
  • APCMA Aboriginal Male Entertainer of the Year (nomination)
  • APCMA Best New Artist (nomination)
  • APCMA Single of the Year (nomination)
  • Canadian Aboriginal Music Award Entertainer of the Year (nomination)
  • Juno Aboriginal Album of the Year (nomination)
The Lost Filez 2010 LP
  1. Glow
  2. B.I.G.G.
  3. Crush feat. Big Sav
  4. Get Back
  5. V Necks & Tattoos feat. Noble & Littles
  6. Kitty Beater
  7. Sik Side feat. Moka Only & Skye Stoney
  8. The Breaks
  9. Longway
  10. Thats Wassup feat. Mayhem Morearty & Redskin
  11. Gurilla Shit feat. Bun B & Littles
  12. My Money feat. Tre Nyce
  13. Switch It Up feat. Noble
  14. Wiggle Wobble
  15. Sly feat. Young Kidd & D Lotto
Red Makaveli 2012 Mixtape
  1. Red Makaveli
  2. City in Flames feat. Caspian
  3. On My Team feat. Tre Nyce
  4. See You in Hell
  5. Wassabi (Bout My Business) feat. Tre Nyce
  6. Better Than This feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  7. Angel Tears feat. Vicky Chand and Samson T
  8. Military Mind feat. Kanabliss
  9. Daydream feat. Stacks
  10. Respect the Regime feat. Tre Nyce, Hoodrich, Stacks (BONUS)
Feather + Rosary 2013 Independent Release
  1. Sex Machine (feat. Tre Nyce)
  2. The Bad Guy (feat. Snak the Ripper)
  3. Alien Girl (feat. Noble & Manik 1 Derful)
  4. Better Than This feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  5. Burn feat. Drezus
  6. Rollin' (Bump Bump Bump) feat. Tre Nyce
  7. Yayo (feat. Tre Nyce)
  8. I Wanna Party With Hugh
  9. On My Time (feat. Tre Nyce)
  10. Love Potion (feat. Hoodrich & Samson T)
  11. Animal Party
  12. Americana
  13. Rock n' Rolla feat. Jason Gordon
  14. So What !?!?
  15. Jaded Angel feat. Kinnie Starr
  16. Take a Picture
  17. Daydream feat. Stacks
  18. Death Do Us Part
  19. 11:11 feat Fame
  20. Best Friend
  21. Owls Kiss (feat. Lancelot Knight)
  22. Only Addiction
  23. 13th Floor
  24. Bang Bang (feat. Lancelot Knight)
  25. Wavy Shit (feat. Dorian)
  26. Cherry Tree
  • Owls Kiss - Top 40 Aboriginal Music Countdown
  • Jaded Angel - Top 40 Aboriginal Music Countdown
  • Take a Picture - Top 40 Aboriginal Music Countdown
  • Bang Bang - Top 40 Aboriginal Music Countdown

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Ceremony Nominated work Category Result
2009 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards[11] Sugarcane, The Blackstar Best Music Video Won
2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards[11] "Kool Runnin" Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year Won
2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards[11] "The Blackstar" Best Pop CD Won
2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards[11] "The Blackstar" Aboriginal Male Entertainer of the Year Nominated
2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards[11] "The Blackstar" Best New Artist Nominated
2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards[11] "Kool Runnin" Single of the Year Nominated
2010 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards "The Blackstar" Entertainer of the Year Nominated
2011 Juno "The Blackstar" Aboriginal Album of the Year Nominated


Stylez got his first tattoo when he was seventeen.[8] It was of Chief Sitting Bull. In an interview with Marie Clements' Urban Ink, Stylez noted Sitting Bull as a monumental figure to his people. He said, "I am inspired by his life and strive to one day be a great figure like him, so it's a perfect reminder.[8] " He named one tattoo "Chief Joseph". He also has the Indian outlaw logo and “Indian Outlaw” in script on both his forearm and stomach. Centered on the back of his shoulders is the West Coast style eagle with Cree syllabics below that say, "a gift and a curse.” He explained, "The gift is having lots of young impressionable eyes on me, so do not want to steer them on the wrong path, which is the curse.[8]

Nomadic Lifestyle[edit]

Since he was three years old, Joseph began travelling across North America with both his mother and father to different political and business events. He has driven across North America, between Canada, the United States and Mexico several times consistently for his entire life. He has fully embraced a true nomadic lifestyle, staying no longer than a month or until he feels restless.[12]

Community Work[edit]

Each year Joey Stylez tours non-stop across Canada to perform at sometimes isolated First Nations Reserves. He has spent the last ten years dedicated to giving back to the communities across Native America. He takes time to encourage and inspire impoverished children by travelling to youth homes and juvenile detention centres. He has facilitated numerous workshops with a focus on Native American youth empowerment and confidence building.[13]


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