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Jofré Llançol i Escrivà, (b. c. 1390 - d. c. 1436 or 1437), also known as Jofré de Borja y Escrivà and Jofré de Borja y Doms, was a Spanish noble from Xàtiva, Kingdom of Valencia, in the town of Borja, Zaragoza. He was related by marriage to the prestigious Borja family. He was an uncle of Cardinal Luis Juan del Milà and the father of Pope Alexander VI.[1]


Jofré Llançol i Escrivà was born in Játiva, Comunidad Valenciana, around 1390. He was head of the branch of the House of Borja that resided on Ventres Street in Játiva or Xàtiva. He was the son of Rodrigo Gil de Borja y Fennolet, Jurado del Estamento Militar de Játiva, and his wife, Sibilia de Escrivà y Pròixita. Jofré died in either 1436 or 1437, in Valencia.[1]

Marriage and Descendants[edit]

Jofré Llançol i Escrivà married Isabel de Borja y Cavanilles, who was actually his distant cousin, from Valencia. She was the daughter of Domingo de Borja and his wife, Francina Llançol, and the sister of Alfonso de Borja y Cavanilles, who would later go on to become Pope Callixtus III.[2][3] The couple gave birth to 5 children:


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