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Namcojogcon logo.jpg
TypeVideo game controller
GenerationFifth generation era
ConnectivityDualShock port

The Jogcon is a controller developed and produced by Namco for the Sony PlayStation videogame console.

Originally released in 1998 as part of a special edition package with Namco's R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 videogame, it was designed to combine the function of a steering wheel controller, while maintaining the size of a standard PlayStation controller. This is accomplished by a dial approximately 3 inches in diameter in the center of the controller (almost in the same location as the DualShock analog sticks).

The dial was the first force feedback steering wheel available on the PlayStation. Its name was derived from the action of "jogging" a dial like those found on some VCRs and the action of putting this on a controller. Actions such as torque steer, collisions, and feedback from turning the automobile all can be felt through the dial as the player manipulates it to maneuver their vehicle through the course.

The Jogcon would later be sold separately from the Ridge Racer R4 game.


The Jogcon is fully compatible with Ridge Racer Type 4, V-Rally 2, the Playstation version of Breakout (video game)[1] and the PlayStation 2 game Ridge Racer V. In other games, it can be used as a regular PlayStation controller by turning off the Jogcon mode using the mode switch above the PlayStation logo.

The Jogcon also has a relatively unknown neGcon compatibility mode; by holding the mode button as you turn on the PlayStation, the Jogcon wheel emulates the neGcon's twist functionality.[2] However, as force feedback isn't supported in this mode, the wheel will not self-center. On top of this, the default button mapping for a neGcon usually means the X and Square buttons are used as acceleration and brake, whereas in Ridge Racer Type 4 and V-Rally 2, these controls are moved to the shoulder buttons to allow for both thumbs to control the wheel. As such, the neGcon compatibility mode expands the list of games the Jogcon can be used in significantly, but the experience is considerably more awkward than when it is used in Jogcon-compatible games.

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