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Archeological site
Jognakhera is located in India
Coordinates: 29°58′17″N 76°53′14″E / 29.97139°N 76.88722°E / 29.97139; 76.88722Coordinates: 29°58′17″N 76°53′14″E / 29.97139°N 76.88722°E / 29.97139; 76.88722
Country India
Province Haryana
Time zone Indian Standard Time (UTC+5.30)

Jognakhera is a site belonging to late Harappan phase of Indus Valley Civilisation. Jogankhera is located in Kurukshetra District, Haryana, India.[1]


Jognakhera was excavated during 2009, although local people are not aware of the importance of this ancient site.[2] Pot shreds were also recovered from this site.[2]

Copper smelting[edit]

Jognakhera was a copper smelting site where copper smelting furnaces with copper slag were recovered.[2] The furnaces excavated from this site looked like huge saucers. [2]

Damage to site[edit]

Floods created out of breach to Sutlej-Yamuna Link canal during July 2010 caused damage to this archeological site. [2]

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