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Jogre (screenshot).jpg
Developer(s) Bob Marks
Stable release
Type Game Engine
License GNU GPL 2+ [1]

JOGRE (pronounced Joe-ger) is the acronym for "Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine".

JOGRE is a Java based client/server game engine and API created by Bob Marks. It is used for the easy creation and execution of online real time games.

Multiplayer games programmed so far include Abstrac, Backgammon, Battleship, Camelot, Car Tricks, Checkers, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Connect4, DOTS, Go, Grand Prix Jumping, Hex, Ninety Nine, Octagons, Propinquity, Reversi, Spades, Tetris, Texas Holdem and Tic-tac-toe etc.[2] JOGRE is designed to be an open source equivalent to popular gaming websites such as Yahoo! Games.

It has been used in academic institutions, such as universities as part of the course work.[3]

JOGRE is currently in beta release 0.3.



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