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Johan Ångström (24 September 1813, Lögdö, Medelpad – 19 January 1879, Örnsköldsvik) was a Swedish physician and bryologist.

He obtained his education in Uppsala, and later practiced medicine in the communities of Lycksele and Örnsköldsvik.[1] With Fredrik Nylander (1820-1880), he conducted botanical investigations in Lapland, Finland and Karelia.[2]

The moss genus Aongstroemia (Bruch & Schimp., 1846) in named in his honor.[3] As a taxonomist, he was the binomial authority of several plants within the genus Botrychium.[4]

Selected works[edit]

  • Dispositio muscorum in Scandinavia : hucusque cognitorum, 1842.
  • Symbolae ad Bryologiam Scandinavicam, 1844.
  • Primae lineae muscorum cognoscendorum, 1876.[5]


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