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Johan Cruyff Institute
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MottoEducating the next generation of Leaders in Sport Management

The Johan Cruyff Institute is an educational institution, founded by Johan Cruyff, aimed at educating athletes, sport and business professionals in the field of sport management.


The academic institution was founded in 1999 with a program for 35 athletes as part of the Johan Cruyff Academy[3] of Amsterdam and has since then become a global network. In 2002, the Johan Cruyff Institute Barcelona was opened and established as the international headquarters, and the expansion proceeded to Mexico (2003), Amsterdam (2006), Stockholm (2011) and Peru (2013).

There are 5 Johan Cruyff Institute (postgraduate and executive education), 3 Johan Cruyff Academy (graduate education) and 5 Johan Cruyff College (vocational training).

Sports Education[edit]

The Johan Cruyff Institute learning programs have been designed by sport industry professionals enriched by personal experiences from faculty and students. Its academic programs[4][5] are distinctive and tailor made for the specific needs of athletes and sports professionals. The learning experience students go through, is boosted by its learning model which is:

  • 100% Sports-oriented
  • Student-centerd
  • Based on the principle of 'Learning by doing'
  • Flexible, diverse and using the latest technologies
  • Motivational, communicative and participative
  • Adapted to each individual's workload and availability

Sport Management[edit]

The sport industry has had a growing impact on the global economy[6] over the last 20 years with investment in public infrastructure, mobilizing resources and creating new professions and jobs. Today it is one of the professional sectors with the most economic momentum, creating opportunities for many people who aspire to a future in the world of sports[7]. Sport Management is a field of education concerning the business aspects of sports.

Sport Marketing[edit]

In markets that are becoming increasingly more competitive, sport marketing and sponsorship have become high impact areas for business success[8]. Consequently, there is a growing demand for trained specialists in the whole sports marketing cycle, both in sports companies as well as in sports foundations, associations, federations and organizations.

Football Business[edit]

Football is undoubtedly the most powerful and most popular sport in the world, linking communities, stirring emotions and breaking down cultural barriers[9]. Football has also become one of the most profitable industries, with a significant economic impact in infrastructure development, sponsorships, TV rights and transfers of players[10].


Coaching is more than the use of tactical and technical knowledge as per Johan Cruyff’s vision. Coaching is about managing oneself, the players & staff, the team and the environment. Each participant’s personal background is the base for their further development and better understanding of themselves as a coach and/or manager [11].


Academic Portfolio[edit]

  • Official Master's degree in Sport Management[12]
  • Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona[13]
  • Master in Sport Management
  • Master in Sport Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Master in Coaching
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Marketing
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Sponsorship
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Football Business
  • Course in Football Business Fundamentals
  • Course in Sport Management Fundamentals
  • Course in Strategic Management of Sport Organizations
  • Course in Financial Management of Sport Organizations
  • Course in Innovation and Leadership in Sport Organizations
  • Course in Sport Facility Management
  • Course in Sport Event Management

Johan Cruyff Institute[edit]

Johan Cruyff Academy[edit]

Johan Cruyff College[edit]


"Greatest Contributor in Football Education"[14] by Fifex


The Johan Cruyff Institute features among the top 25 in the annual ranking of the best educational programs in Sports Management worldwide from over 500 selected proposals, and was ranked 2nd in the online mode, 14th in the on-campus mode and 5th best in Europe (source: SportBusiness International Magazine, June 2015).

Notable alumni[edit]


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