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Johan Ernst Nilson is a Swedish explorer also known as "environmental explorer" because of his interest for environment and climate-related issues.

Johan was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and he accomplished more than 28 adventures in 100 countries. Johan is today holding lectures about motivation and environmental awareness when he is not on expeditions.

Climate Neutral Expeditions[edit]

After his filmwork with the Polar Research Team, Johan started to collaborate with Respect Climate. The idea was to open up the eyes of the explorers around the world; what can we do to make this planet a better place? In 2008 Johan finished his project; "Seven Summits Climate Neutral". After the world first Climate Neutral Everest expedition Johan got elected Swedish President at ESA, "Everest Summiteers Association" and member of The Explorers Club.


Some of these expeditions are done solo, other in teams and some as a film producer together with another explorer.


Bike (1994)

Kayak (1996)

Flying Boat (2001)


Antarctic Research(1998)

North West Passage (1999)


Mount Denali (1995)

Mount Kilimanjaro (2003)

Mount Elbrus (2004, 2008)

Mount Aconcagua (2005, 2006)

Carstensz Pyramid (2006)

Mount Everest (2007)

Mont Blanc (2006, 2007)

Mount Vinson (2008)

Mount Kusciuskzo (2006)

Shisha Pangma (1997)

Mount Kinabalu (2000)

Heidi Hill Nunavut (1999)


Alaska Walkabout Expedition (1995)

Jetski over the Atlantic (2002)

Machu Picchu (2005)

Arctic Dogsled Race (1999)

Borneo Photo Expedition (2000)

Respect Climate

Together with Respect we did the advanced calculation on how to make Seven Summits climate neutral

Awards and recognition[edit]

ESA (Everest Summiteers Association), Sweden , President MinStoraDag , Ambassador Mentor , Motivation Coach Respect Climate , Spokesman Medal of Honour by The Swedish Church 1996 The Explorers Club Travellers Club Royal Geographic Society The Swedish Polar Research Institute The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences The Orden of Amaranter (Royal Orden founded by Queen Krinstina)

Film about environment and motivation[edit]


Johan published a photobook in November 2008: Seven Summits - The Photobook ISBN 91-633-3663-4


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