Johan Gregor van der Schardt

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Self Portrait Bust, c. 1573

Johan (or Jan) Gregor van der Schardt (Nijmegen, Netherlands, c. 1530/31 – Denmark, after 1581) was a sculptor from the Northern Renaissance.

Bust of Anna Imhoff, c.1580?

He toured Italy in the 1560s (working in Bologna)[1] and was in the service of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, in Vienna from 1569 to 1576, whilst also taking commissions in Nuremberg, where he specialised in painted terracotta busts, including a self-portrait of about 1573, one of the earliest such by a sculptor.[2][3]

After 1576 he moved to the royal court of Denmark (with a return to Nuremberg in 1579) where he is presumed to have worked during the 1580s and died in the early 1590s,[2] perhaps at Uraniborg on 30 November 1591.

Unusually for a non-Italian artist, his work was praised by Giorgio Vasari.[1]


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