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Johann Anton Weinmann (Russian: Иван Андреевич Вейнман; 23 December 1782, Würzburg - 5 August 1858, Pavlovsk) was a German botanist who served as Inspector of the Gardens in Saint Petersburg, Russia.[1] He published a Flora that is the basis of some binomial species identifications.

Beginning in 1803, he was head gardener of the newly established botanical garden in Dorpat; from 1823 he served as inspector of the garden of Empress Maria Fyodorovna in Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg.[2]

His name is commemorated with the mycological genera Weinmannioscyphus and Weinmannodora, the latter genus being circumscribed by Elias Magnus Fries in 1849.[3]

Published works[edit]

  • Der botanische Garten der Kaiserlichen Universität zu Dorpat im Jahre 1810. 1810 - The botanical garden of the Imperial University of Dorpat in 1810.
  • "Elenchus plantarum horti Imperialis Pawlowsciensis et agri Petropolitani", St. Petersburg 1824.
  • "Hymeno- et Gasteromycetes hujusque in imperio Rossico observatas recensuit", St. Petersburg 1836.
  • "Enumeratio stirpium in agro Petropolitano sponte crescentium", St. Petersburg 1837.[4]


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