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Johann Baptist Zimmermann

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Ceiling fresco in the Wies Church
Detail of the fresco in St. Michael Berg am Laim
Holy Trinity, Klosterkirche Wörishofen

Johann Baptist Zimmermann (3 January 1680, Gaispoint — 2 March 1758, Munich) was a German painter and a prime stucco plasterer during the Baroque.

Zimmermann was born in Gaispoint, Wessobrunn. He and his brother Dominikus Zimmermann were descended from an artist family of the Wessobrunner School.


  • 1701 stucco and fresco for the church Mariä Empfängnis of Gosseltshausen
  • 1707 stucco and fresco for the church Maria Schnee in Markt Rettenbach
  • vor 1710 und 1728: Stucco for the Tegernsee Abbey
  • 1709/1710: Design for the church St. Johannes in Neuburg an der Kammel-Edelstetten
  • 1709/1710-1713/1727 (cooperation with his brother): Fresco of Marienkapelle and stucco and fresco for the library of Reichskartause in Buxheim (Allgäu)
  • 1711-1713: stucco and fresco for the Klosterkirche Maria Saal
  • 1714: stucco and fresco of Pfarrkirche St. Sixtus von Schliersee
  • 1714-1722: Stucco for the Ottobeuren Abbey
  • ca 1715 stucco and fresco for rooms of Maxlrain castle
  • (since) 1716 stucco and fresco for the Benediktuskirche in Freising
  • 1717: stucco and fresco in the chapel and the dining room of Ismaning palace
  • 1718-1722 (cooperation with his brother): decoration of the church Mariä Himmelfahrt in Maria Medingen
  • 1720-1726: Stucco for the Grand Stairway of Schleissheim Palace under Joseph Effner
  • 1720-1726/1727: Stucco for the Sommerzimmer and the Spiegelsaal of the first northern Pavillon of Nymphenburg Palace
  • 1722/1723 (cooperation with his brother): Decoration of St. Mary in Bad Wörishofen
  • 1724 und 1731-1733: stucco and fresco for Benediktbeuern Abbey
  • 1725/1726-1727/1729: Design and stucco of St. Peter und Paul in Buxheim (Allgäu)
  • 1725/1727-1728/1733 (cooperation with his brother): Decoration of St. Markus in Sießen/Saulgau
  • 1726-1733: stucco for the Residenz, Munich
  • 1727-1733: Decoration of St. Peter und Paul in Steinhausen
  • 1727/1730-1731/1733 (cooperation with his brother): Fresco of the church in Steinhausen
  • 1729: stucco and fresco of St. Peter und Paul in Weyarn
  • 1729/1741-1741/1748: stucco and fresco of Mariä Himmelfahrt church in Dietramszell
  • 1730 stucco and fresco of the church of Beyharting
  • 1730-1739: Stucco in the Reiche Zimmern of the Residenz, Munich
  • 1732: Fresco of Neumünster church in Würzburg
  • 1733/34: Decoration of the monastery Seligenthal in Landshut
  • 1733/1754-1756/1760: stucco and fresco of St. Dionys und Juliana in Schäftlarn Abbey
  • 1734-1737/1739: stucco of the Amalienburg in Munich-Nymphenburg
  • 1735/1738-1740: Design of the Mariä Himmelfahrt in Prien am Chiemsee
  • 1737/1743-1744/1752: stucco and fresco of St. Michael in Berg am Laim
  • 1738: House Kern in Wasserburg am Inn
  • 1745-1752: Design and stucco of Ettal Abbey
  • 1747/1749-1752: baroque renovation of St. Blasius in Landshut
  • 1748/1752-1752/1754: stucco and fresco of the church "Maria Brünnlein zum Trost" in Wemding
  • 1749 und 1753-1754: fresco in the Wieskirche
Fresco in Nymphenburg Palace
  • 1751-1752/1754: stucco and fresco in Andechs Abbey St. Nikolaus und St. Elisabeth
  • 1751-1761: baroque renovation of the church St. Anna in München-Harlaching
  • 1753/1754: stucco and fresco in St. Peter in Munich
  • 1755/56-1757: stucco and fresco of the Steinerner Saal in Nymphenburg Palace in Munich
  • 1756: Fresco of Prämonstratenserklosterkirche in Neustift
  • 1757: Decoration of Pfarrkirche St. Vitus in Abensberg-Offenstetten

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