Johann Christoph Bohl

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Dissertatio epistolica, 1744

Johann Christoph Bohl or Bohlius or Bohle (1703–1785) was a German physician[1].


Born in Königsberg in 1703, Bohl enrolled at the local university on September 25, 1719 in order to study medicine, and continued his studies at the University of Leipzig. On September 20, 1725, he enrolled at the University of Leiden where he became a student of Herman Boerhaave, and a classmate of Albrecht von Haller. He graduated on 26 July 1726 presenting his dissertation titled "De morsu". He spent four years in Amsterdam working with the Dutch anatomist Frederik Ruysch. He returned to Königsberg on August 15, 1730. On September 23, 1741 he became professor of medecine at the Medical Faculty of the Königsberg College and a royal Prussian physician. Following the death of Melchior Philipp Hartmann, he took over his position and then became rector. Bohl is known as the sponsor Immanuel Kant, whom he also financially supported during his time at the Collegium Fridericianum [2].


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