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Johann Georg August Galletti (August 19, 1750 – March 16, 1828) was a German historian and geographer.

Galletti was born in Altenburg. His fame is not based on his merits as an academic, but on his reputation as the creator of a few hundreds of stylistic howlers, becoming a legend as Kathederblüten (teacher's howlers) originated during his time as a professor at the Ernestine Gymnasium in Gotha. He was known as the "absent-minded professor of Gotha" and died there aged 77.

Johann Georg August Galletti.

Some Kathederblüten of Galletti :

  • After the Battle of Leipzig you could see horses with three, four, or even more legs shot off running loose all over the countryside.
  • Deiotarus was his father's son.
  • Indeed, Councillor, I am well pleased with Blädner, but with Seifert not at all; but at least he's better than Blädner.
  • So you think that history is as easy as playing Snap? Ha! You can learn history in a flash, but learning Snap takes years of hard graft.
  • The African Lion usually grows up to the age of ten, and from then on, its size simply increases.
  • Alexander would have gone on to conquer all Asia; but he's going to die soon.
  • And thus, there ensued an entire war on page 94.
  • I've exited the monk too early. His exit doesn't come earlier than right now.
  • Today, I'm once again seeing so many students that aren't there!
  • Watch out, I'm going to slap you if you aren't disobedient at once!
  • Charlemagne won as often against the Saxons that in the end they wouldn't even wait for it any-more.
  • Among the masterpieces of Demosthenes, we have his celebrated speech on the wreath. This speech is well known to begin with the immortal words: "Which rascal is throwing spit wads here again?"
  • And you, Schäfer, you don't belong amongst decent people at all. Come to me at the lectern in front.
  • The Persians cried out loud: "Good Lord Jesus, the Athenians are coming!" and threw themselves into the sea.
  • The Venetian constitution is a mixed aristocracy which it is very difficult to get out of again.
  • The pig is justly named that way, for it is a very dirty animal.
  • The soldiers threw their weapons away and said: "pardon [me]". ( "ask for pardon" means "ask for quarter" in German)

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