Johann Georg Macasius

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Johann Georg Macasius
Born March 17, 1617
Eger, Kingdom of Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire
Died 1653
Zwickau, Holy Roman Empire
Alma mater University of Jena
Scientific career
Fields Physician
Institutions University of Jena
Doctoral advisor Johannes Musaeus
Balthasar Widmarcter
Doctoral students Georg Balthasar Metzger

Johann Georg Macasius (1617–1653) was a German physician. He was born in Eger, Bohemia (part of the Holy Roman Empire, now in the Czech republic).


He received the Medicinae Doctorate from the University of Jena in 1638 under Johannes Musaeus with a thesis entitled De Natura Et Causis Externis. In 1640, he received a second Medicinae Doctorate from the University of Jena under Balthasar Widmarcter with a thesis entitled Disputatio de inflammatione.

Books by Macasius[edit]

  • Johann Georg Macasius and Johann Mathias Nester, Promptuarium materiae medicae, sive Apparatus ad praxim medicam libris duobus adornatus (1654).

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