Johann Georg Platzer

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Johann Georg Platzer
Johann Georg Platzer - Selbstbildnis 1731.jpg
Johann Georg Platzer, Self-portrait, 1731
Born 24 June 1704
Eppan, County of South Tyrol, Austria
Died 10 December 1761
Eppan, County of South Tyrol, Austria
Residence Court painter in Passau
Nationality Austrian
Known for Painter, draughtsman, sculptor and print-maker
Movement Orientalist; Rococo

Johann Georg Platzer (1704–1761) was a prolific Austrian Rococo painter and draughtsman.

Life and career[edit]

Johann Georg Platzer's signature

Platzer was born in Eppan in the County of Tyrol, and came from a family of painters. He painted primarily historical and mythical scenes. The Joanneum Alte Galerie in Graz houses the largest collection of Platzer's work under a single roof. Platzer worked with his uncle as a court painter in Passau. He returned to Eppan where he continued to work until his death in 1761.[1]

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