Johann Georg Ramsauer

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Johann Georg Ramsauer
Johann Georg Ramsauer.jpg
Born March 7, 1795
Hallstatt, Upper Austria
Died December 14, 1874
Linz, Austria
Education apprenticeships
Occupation Bergmeister, Archaeologist

Johann Georg Ramsauer (7 March 1795 in Hallstatt – 14 December 1874 in Linz) was an Austrian mine operator and the director of the excavations at the Hallstatt cemetery from 1846–1863. He spent his life working for the state service of the mines, moving from an apprentice to Bergmeister. During this time, he lived in the Rudolfsturm, a medieval fortress, where he raised 22 children. He kept comprehensive field notes, including magnificent watercolor drawings of grave arrangements and artefacts, which were never published but rather became the protocol manuscripts.[1]


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