Johann Gottlob Harrer

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(Johann) Gottlob Harrer (8 May 1703 – 9 July 1755) was a German composer and choir leader.


Harrer was born in Görlitz, and studied music in Leipzig and Italy. From 1731 he worked in the chapel-choir of Reichsgraf Heinrich von Brühl, who helped him to the post of Thomaskantor in Leipzig in 1750 on the death of that office's previous holder, Johann Sebastian Bach – Harrer held the post until his own death in 1755. He composed much instrumental music, including 27 symphonies, 24 orchestral suites, 51 flute duets and a number of harpsichord sonatas. He also wrote two masses for choir and orchestra, one mass for unaccompanied voices, 47 cantatas and a number of oratorios, passions, psalms, and motets.


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