Johann Heinrich Sulzer

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Johann Heinrich Sulzer (18 September 1735, Winterthur – 14 August 1813, Winterthur) was a Swiss physician and entomologist.

He studied medicine at the University of Tübingen and later started a medical practice in Winterthur. As a physician he distinguished himself in his work with smallpox vaccinations. In the field of entomology, he was the author of:

  • Die Kennzeichen der Insekten, nach Anleitung des Königl. Schwed. Ritters und Leibarzts Karl Linnaeus, (...) (1761) – The characteristics of insects, according to the instructions of Carl Linnaeus.
  • Abgekürzte Geschichte der Insecten nach dern Linaeischen System (1776) – Abbreviated history of insects according to the Linnaean System.[1]

References and external links[edit]

  • BHL Digitised works by Sulzer at Biodiversity Heritage Library.
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