Johann Jakob Dorner the Elder

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Johann Jakob Dorner the Elder, who was born at Ehrenstetten, near Freiburg in Breisgau, in 1741, was at first a pupil of Rösch at Freiburg and of Ignaz Bauer at Augsburg. He afterwards visited Italy, the Netherlands, and Paris; and excelled as a painter of historical and genre subjects. He was a professor and director of the Gallery at Munich in 1770, and died in that city in 1813. In the Darmstadt Gallery is a picture of 'Two Soldiers and a Maiden' by him; and in the Pinakothek at Munich, a 'Linen Draper,' which is a portrait of his wife, dated 1775.

The amateur Amalia von Schattenhofer was a pupil of Dorner.[1] His son also became a painter.

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