Johann Joachim Lange

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Johann Joachim Lange.

Johann Joachim Lange (1670 in Gardelegen – 1744 in Halle) was a German Protestant theologian and philosopher.

Lange was educated in Leipzig, Erfurt and Halle. He was influenced by Christian Thomasius and the pietist August Hermann Francke. He became a professor of theology at Halle in 1709, and opposed the philosophy of Christian Wolff.[1] He died in Halle on 7 May 1744.

Lange wrote the hymn O God, what offering shall I give?, translated into English by John Wesley.[2]

His son, Samuel Gotthold Lange, was a noted poet.


  • Medicina mentis, 1704
  • Causa dei et religionis naturalis adversum atheismus, 1723
  • Modesta Disqvisitio Novi Philosophiæ Systematis De Deo, Mvndo Et Homine, Et Præsertim De Harmonia Commercii Inter Animam Et Corpvs Præstabilita; Cvm Epicrisi In Viri Cvivsdam Clarissimi Commentationem ; De Differentia Nexvs Rervm Sapientis Et Fatalis Necessitatis, Nec Non Systematis Harmoniæ ..., 1723


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