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Johann Melchior Gletle (July 1626 – 6 September 1683) was a Swiss organist, Kapellmeister and composer.

Gletle was born in Bremgarten. He was a prolific composer of church music - masses, psalms, motets, and also several pieces for the tromba marina.[1][2] He died, aged 57, in Augsburg.

Works, editions and recordings[edit]


  • Motetta Sacra concertata op. 1 (1667)
  • 36 Trompeter-Stückle (1675). Herausgegeben von Christian Blümel, Verlag Mark Tezak, Leverkusen 1985.
  • Beatus Vir (Psalm 111) (1676/1677). Verlag C. Hofius, Ammerbuch 2010.
  • Expeditio musicae, classis IV op. 5 (1677).
    • Cantate Domino, Motette für Sopran, Tenor, 2 Violinen, 2 Violen, Violoncello und Continuo. Herausgegeben von Eberhard Hofmann, Edition Musica Rinata, Ditzingen 2005.
    • O wie ein so rauhe Krippen. Musica pretiosa Verlag, Vilsbiburg 1996.
    • Puellule decore, Pastorella. Edition Walhall, Magdeburg 2005.
  • Litaneien op. 6 (1681).
  • Marienvesper
  • O benignissime Jesu, Motette. Verlag Les Cahiers De Tourdion, Strasbourg 2001.[3]


  • Vespers in Vienna. Pierre Cao
  • Complete Motets Op.5 4CD Daniela Dolci
    • Celebremus Cum Gaudio Motets Op.5 and Op.1
    • Triomphale Canticum Motets Op.5 and Op.1


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