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Johann Peter Cavallo was an organist, pianist and composer of Italian origin born and raised in Munich in 1819[1] and died after 1863. He settled in Paris around 1842,[2] where he was organist in the churches of St. Vincent de Paul,[2] St. Germain-des-Prés[1] and St. Nicolas des Champs between 1851 and 1863. He became famous as pianist in the 1850s and then published Veillées des salons,[3] a monthly sheet music magazine of short piano pieces of his own compositions in association with choirmaster Frédéric Viret.[4]

Selected works[edit]

  • Valse rustique, Op. 24
  • Le Crépuscule, Op. 33
  • Un Dernier Jour d'hiver, Op. 46
  • Mazurka, Op. 47
  • La Tristesse, Op. 48
  • Fandango, Op. 49
  • Le Vertige, Op. 50
  • Pensée Fugitive, Op. 56
  • Galop des Sylphes, Op. 57
  • Près la Fontaine du Loup, Op. 61


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