Johann Peter Hasenclever

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Johann Peter Hasenclever
Johann Peter Hasenclever - Selbstbildnis (Ausschnitt).jpg
Self-portrait, c. 1850
Hieronymus Jobs im Examen, 1840

Johann Peter Hasenclever (1810–1853) was a German painter, known mostly for his genre subjects.

He was born at Remscheid. He studied under Wilhelm von Schadow, at the Düsseldorf Academy, and then spent some years in Munich and Italy. After 1842 he settled in Düsseldorf.


His works are usually humorous genre subjects, such as A family quarrel (1837, New Pinakothek, Munich); Tasting wine, and The Reading Room (1843, both in National Gallery, Berlin); and Topers in the wine cellar (1847, Ravené Gallery, Berlin).

He also executed a series of scenes from Carl Arnold Kortum's Jobsiade, including Hieronymus Jobs im Examen (The examination) (1840, New Pinakothek, Munich); The school (1846, Ravené Gallery, Berlin); and Jobs as night watchman (1852, Ravené Gallery, Berlin). His Gaming table is his most important work of a serious nature. He was also successful in portraiture.



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