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Johann Steffens (Itzehoe, 1560 – Lüneburg, 1616) was a German organist and composer. Aside from organ works his works include five-part German madrigals (1619) influenced by Hassler.[1]

Selected recordings[edit]

  • North German Organ Baroque Volume 4 CPO
  • German madrigals. Himlische Cantorey, Hamburger Ratsmusik, Simone Eckert CPO 2013


  1. ^ New Oxford History of Music: The Age of Humanism, 1540-1630 1968 "That Hassler's influence extended to other parts of North Germany is shown by the five-part Neue teutsche weltliche Madrigalien und Balletten* (1619) of the Holsteiner Johann Steffens (c. 1560-1616) who was organist at Luneburg.