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Johanna Senfter ( 27 November 1879; 11 August 1961) was a German composer.

Johanna Senfter was born and died in Oppenheim. From 1895[1] she studied composition under Iwan Knorr,[1] violin under Adolf Rebner,[1] piano under Karl Friedberg[1] and organ at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt am Main. This gave her a considerable amount of musical training when in 1908 she became a student of Max Reger in Leipzig. She composed 9 symphonies, 26 orchestral works and concertos for piano, violin, viola, and cello. Senfter was a masterful composer of fugue. All together she left behind 134 works.



  • Feminae in Musica (Feminae Records, 2007)
    • Elegie, op. 13, no. 3
      • Performed by: Aleksandra Maslovaric (violin), Tania Fleischer (piano)
      • Available: [1]


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