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Johannes Amundsson Aarflot (29 October 1824 – 3 November 1891) was a Norwegian businessman and member of the Norwegian Parliament.

Aarflot was born on the farm Årflot at Ørsta (Aarflot i Ørsta) in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. He was the son of Amund Knutsson Aarflot (1788–1860) and his wife, Berte Canutte Aarflot (1795–1859) who was a Christian hymnwriter in the Haugean tradition (haugianere). From 1841 he was an employee at a bookstore in Ålesund. In 1860, he opened his own bookstore, Aarflots Bokhandel (now Ark Aarflot).[1][2][3]

He was a member of the city council in Alesund during 1861. He served as the mayor of the town in 1864, 1876–81 and 1883-91. He also served as one of the Settlement Commissioners (Forlikskommissær) on the District Conciliation Board (Forliksråd ) from 1870. Aarflot became a member of the Norwegian Parliament from the Conservative Party, representing Aalesund og Molde during four terms (1868-1869, 1871-1873, 1880–82, 1889-1891).[4][5][6]


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