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Johannes B. Wist (6 April 1864 –1 December 1923) was a Norwegian American newspaper editor, journalist and author.[1]


Born Johannes Racinus Benjaminsen, he was the son of Benjamin Johannessen Wist and Magdalene Arnoldusdatter Wist. He was born on the Sund farm in Inderøy parish in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. He immigrated to the United States during 1884.[2]

Wist served as editor of a number of Norwegian-language newspaper serving the immigrant Norwegian American community. He was the editor of Fakkelen Glenwood, Minnesota 1885–1886, Arbeitets Ridder Minneapolis, Minnesota 1886–1887, Skandinavisk Tribune Madison, Wisconsin 1887–1888, Nordvesten St. Paul, Minnesota 1889–1897 and Norge Granite Falls, Minnesota 1899–1900.[3]

Most notable Wist was the editor of Decorah-Posten from 1901 until his death in 1923. During the period 1905 to 1914, he additionally served as editor of Symra which was also published in Decorah, Iowa. In 1914, he edited a survey of the Norwegian-American press entitled Norsk-amerikanernes festskrift (Decorah, Iowa: Symra Co., 1914).[4]

Wist wrote a column in Decorah-Posten about a fictional Norwegian pioneer named Jonas Olsen. Originally published serially during the 1920s, the stories were subsequently published in book form. With translation by Orm Øverland, professor at the University of Bergen, the book has been published in English as The Rise of Jonas Olsen: A Norwegian Immigrant's Saga (University of Minnesota Press; 2005) [5]


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