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Johannes Brøndsted, (born 5 October 1890 - 16 November 1965) was a Danish archaeologist and prehistorian.


Brøndsted was born in Grundfør, Jutland.

In 1920, he received his doctorate for his work on the relations between Anglo-Saxon and Nordic art in Viking times.

In 1922 and 1922, he worked in the field with E. Dyggve, and excavated early Christian monuments in Dalmatia. His account of this excavation was published as Recherches à Salone (1928).

From 1941 through 1951, Brøndsted was a professor of Nordic archeology and European prehistory at the University of Copenhagen. He left this position to become the director of the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, a position he held from 1951 through 1960.

Selected works[edit]

  • Recherches à Salone (1928)
  • Danmarks Oldtid (three vols.; 2e; 1957-1959), a prehistory of Denmark
  • The Vikings (1960) (English edition: trans. Kalle Skov; Penguin, Harmondsworth; 1965; ISBN 0-14-020459-8)

Recognition and distinctions[edit]