Johannes Friedrich (linguist)

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Johannes Friedrich (27 August 1893, in Leipzig-Schönefeld – 12 August 1972, in Berlin) was a German hittitologist who published the Hethitisches Elementarbuch (1940), and the Kurzgefasstes Hethitisches Wörterbuch (1966). Translation of his book "Entzifferung Verschollener Schriften und Sprachen" ( "Extinct Languages" ) published by Philosophical Library New York 1957: a study of Ancient Orient languages, including Egyptian hieroglyphics, cuneiform writing, Hittite hieroglyphics and other scripts and languages of the Old world.

In 1933 Friedrich signed the Loyalty Oath of German Professors to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist State.

"Extinct Languages" translated from the original German "Entzifferung Verschollener Schriften und Sprachen" by Frank Gaynor