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Johannes Heroldt (around 1550 in Jena - September 8, 1603 in Weimar) was a German composer best known for his six-part St Matthew Passion composed at Klagenfurt in 1594.[1][2][3]

Works, editions and recordings[edit]

  • "Historia des Leidens und Sterbens unsers Herrn und Heylandts Jesu Christi aus dem hlg. Evangelio Mattheo", mit 6 Stimmen componirt; Grätz in Steyer bei Georg Widmannstetter, 1594, Graz 1594 ; edition Hans Joachim Moser - 1955
  • Historia, with Joachim a Burck Johannespassion and Christoph Demantius Passion. recorded by Michel Laplénie, Erato 1990
  • Historia, with Teodoro Clinio Passio secundum Joannem - recorded by Ensemble Triagonale, Michael Paumgarten CPO, 2015


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  3. ^ Basil Smallman, The Background of Passion Music (1970), p. 143: "fairly frequently in Passion music; yet to the present author's knowledge there is only one surviving instance. This occurs in the six-part St Matthew Passion by Johannes Herold which was composed at Klagenfurt in 1594"