Johannes Matthiae Gothus

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Johannes Matthiæ Gothus

John Matthiae Gothus (born 29 December 1592 in Västra Husby - died 18 February 1670 in Stockholm) was an Uppsala University professor, the rector of the Collegium illustrious in Stockholm (1626–1629) and the most eminent teacher in Sweden during the seventeenth century. He was Bishop of Strängnäs from 1643 to 1664.

Gothus was the son of the vicar and became court chaplain, teacher and mentor to Crown Princess Christina. Some of his contemporaries believed that he was the greatest advocate for ecumenism in Sweden. He had travelled in England and Holland was influenced by Comenius and had a general view of Christian humanism. Gothus wanted to work for a reconciliation between the warring churches.

John Matthiae received gifts and great fiefs from Christina, Queen of Sweden and the Queen Mother. He owned more than 33 large estates and farms and a number of smaller properties in different parts of Sweden. The farms were part of the crown payment. John Matthiae Gothus authored numerous publications which spread over Europe.