Johannes Paulus Lotsy

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Johannes Paulus Lotsy
Born April 11, 1867
Died November 17, 1931 (1931-11-18) (aged 64)
Nationality Dutch
Known for Works on evolution and heredity.
Author abbrev. (botany) Lotsy
Spouse Catharina Christina Goossen

Johannes Paulus Lotsy (April 11, 1867 – November 17, 1931) was a Dutch botanist, specializing in evolution and heredity. Lotsy was born in Dordrecht and died in Voorburg.


After getting his PhD from Gottingen University he had a teaching positions at Johns Hopkins University (1891-1895) where he was director of the herbarium. From 1896 to 1900 he worked in Java. Then he taught at Leiden University (1904-1909), as a lecturer in Systematic Botany. He became director of the State Herbarium (Rijksherbarium) 1906-1909, then Secretary of the Hollandsche Maatschappij van Wetenschappen.

He founded the Association internationale des Botanistes and was editor of the Botanisches Centralblatt. He proposed a system of plant classification, based on phylogenetics.


India (1895-1900), the United States (1922), Australia and New Zealand (1925), South Africa (1926-27), and Egypt (1930). He also studied the flora of Italy and Switzerland.


  • 1928. Voyages of exploration to judge of the bearing of hybridization upon evolution (Genetica : nederlandsch tijdschrift voor erfelijheids- en afstammingsleer). Ed. M. Nijhoff
  • 1922a. Van den Atlantischen Oceaan naar de Stille Zuidzee
  • 1922b. A popular account of evolution. The Cawthron institute, Nelson, Nueva Zelanda. Cawthron lecture. Ed. R.W. Stiles & Co. 22 pp.
  • 1915. Het Tegenwoordige Standpunt der Evolutie-leer
  • 1911. Série IIIA. Sciences exactes. 1-4. Rédigées par J. P. Lotsy
  • 1906a. Résultats scientifiques du Congrès international de botanique, Vienne, 1905. Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse des Internationalen botanischen Kongresses, Wien, 1905 ... Redigiert von J. P. Lotsy ... Mit ... 1 Karte, etc
  • 1906b. Vorlesungen über Deszendenztheorien, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der botanischen Seite der Frage, gehalten an der Reichsuniversität zu Leiden, etc.
  • 1899. Rhopalocnemis Phalloides Jungh: A morphological-systematical study. Ed. E.J. Brill
  • 1898. Contributions to the life-history of the genus Gnetum. Ed. E.J. Brill
  • 1894. A contribution to the investigation of the assimilation of free atmospheric nitrogen by white and black mustard. Bulletin / U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Experiment Stations. G.P.O. 19 pp.


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Note: This is a selected list of the more influential systems. There are many other systems, for instance a review of earlier systems, published by Lindley in his 1853 edition, and Dahlgren (1982). Examples include the works of Scopoli, Batsch and Grisebach.