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Johannes Rosinus (Johann Roszfeld) (c. 1550 – 1626) was the German author of a work on Roman antiquities called Antiquitatum romanarum corpus absolutissimum, which first appeared at Basel in 1585.[1]

He studied at Jena, and became sub-rector of a school at Regensburg. He also served as minister of a Lutheran church at Wickerstadt in Weimar. He later preached at the cathedral church in Naumburg, Saxony.

Rosinus' work went through a series of editions with subsequent editors including Thomas Dempster, Paolo Manuzio, Andreas Schottus, and Samuel Pitiscus.

Dempster's dedication of his edition of Rosinus' Antiquitatum romanarum corpus absolutissimum to King James I won him an invitation to the English court.


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