Johannes Warnardus Bilders

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Johannes Warnardus Bilders

Johannes Warnardus Bilders (18 August 1811 – 29 October 1890) was a Dutch painter who was the father of Gerard Bilders (1838–1865) and a forerunner of the Hague School.


Johannes Bilders was born in Utrecht and took lessons from Jan Lodewijk Jonxis (1789–1867). After travels in Germany, he settled down in 1841 at Oosterbeek, also called the 'Dutch Barbizon', where he gathered around him many young painters who would later become central figures in the Hague School. Some of these painters were Anton Mauve, Paul Gabriël and his son Gerard Bilders, among others.

In 1846 he returned to Utrecht, where he was employed until 1852. Then he spent one year he is in Amsterdam where he was acquainted with Jozef Israëls. He went back to Oosterbeek (1855–1858). After that he went to Amsterdam for a long period (1858–1880), then back to Oosterbeek, where he died on 29 October 1890.


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