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Johannus Orgelbouw
Founded 1968
Founder Johannes (Hans) Versteegt
Headquarters Keplerlaan 2, 6716 BS Ede, Netherlands
Key people
René van de Weerd
Marco van de Weerd
Products classical church organs (digital and pipes, also combined)
Owner Vandeweerd
Website Johannus Orgelbouw

Johannus Orgelbouw is a Dutch builder of electronic organs for home and church use, located in Ede, Netherlands. The organ manufacturer was founded in 1968 by Johannes (Hans) Versteegt (1928–2011), who had previously designed electronic organs for Eminent and Viscount. The Johannus prototypes were developed in the facility at Prins Hendriklaan in Ede.


In 1971 the factory started production at Tuinstraat in Veenendaal and the Johannus organs were introduced at the Firato exhibition in Amsterdam. From there, Johannus organs went all over Europe.

In 1976 a new factory was built at Morsestraat 28 in Ede. The factory had an auditorium named after famous Dutch organist Feike Asma (1912–1984). Hans expanded the company’s export activities to the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and other countries.

In 1985 Hans Versteegt retired.

In 1987 Gert van de Weerd acquired Johannus, introducing real-time sampling in digital organ technology, and increased organ sales in many countries.

In 2002 a new headquarters and production facility was inaugurated at Keplerlaan 2 in Ede. Built in late 19th-century style, the new headquarters has a concert hall that seats 330.

In 2009 Gert van de Weerd retired and handed Johannus over to his two sons, Marco van de Weerd (Marketing & Sales) and René van de Weerd (Research & Development).

In 2014 Johannus reached an export level into more than 100 countries in the world.


1968–1979: Diode keying, analog technology

1980–1986: TMS, integrated circuit, analog technology

1987–1994: M114 digital 8-bit converter, real-time sampling technology

1995–1996: T9500 digital 18-bit converter, introducing Romantic and Baroque sample sets

1997–2001: T9700 digital 20-bit converter, I2C technology

2002–2010: T8000 digital 24-bit converter, introducing 3 sets of sample banks

2011–today: T9000 digital 24-bit converter, introducing 4 sets of sample banks

2012–today: OranjeCore technology

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