Johar Town

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Johar Town
Location Lahore
Union Council
Area  ?
Houses Built:  ?
Number of Plots:  ?
Postal Code 54000

This neighbourhood is named after Mohammad Ali Jouhar a famous leader in Pakistan movement.


Lahore College of Art & Design

There are many schools in Johar Town, most noticeably Bait-Ul-Ilm School, Beaconhouse School System, Sterling Foundation, Bloom Field Hall School, LGS, The Punjab School, International School of Choueifat, LACAS, SISA, KIPS School and The City School.

The University of Management and Technology is located in C-2 Block. The main campus of the University of Central Punjab (UCP) is also located here.

Allama Iqbal Medical College with its teaching hospital 'Jinnah Hospital' is also located at the periphery of Johar Town. The town has another teaching hospital Doctors Hospital Lahore to which Lahore Medical and Dental College is attached.

Commercial centres[edit]

The Lahore Expo Centre is also located in the H block of Johar Town. Many events are held in expo centre.

Emporium Mall, Lahore's Largest Mall is under-construction by Mian Mansha.

Home Decoration Center WOOD DESIGNER is also located in J3 Block of Johar Town. It has Excellent quality for Hand Made Furniture.


A number of commercial offices and banks have established their business in Johar Town. Johar Town, like the rest of Lahore, is overflowing with food lovers and has a lot of variety of foods on offer from fast food chains such as Halloween Cafe, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut to upper-scale restaurants specializing in Pakistani and Western cuisine. There are also many local small-scale restaurants and takeaways providing countless cuisines. However besides the larger restaurants, Johar Town is also embracing the 'cafe fever' and a number of small & large, local and international cafes like Jame n Java and Gloria Jeans have opened up here offering a nice and pleasant ambiance. A five star hotel, a supermarket and wholesale center is also under construction near the Lahore Expo Center. This is a rapidly developing and urbanized suburb of mega city, Lahore.


The main hospital situated in Johar Town is one of the best hospitals in Pakistan; Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre which was built by Imran Khan in the memory of his mother. Other major hospitals located in this area include Doctors Hospital, and Jinnah Hospital. In addition to the hospitals, small clinics can be found in markets all over. Many pharmacies can also be found scattered throughout.