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John Akehurst is a beauty and fashion photographer who specializes in fashion, beauty, and advertising photography.


As Magdalene Keaney states in a biography on John Akehurst, he was "propelled into a career as a photographer through his love of design and fashion, fostered at college. He worked in New York City as a freelance assistant for Albert Watson, among others, before returning to London where he began his career shooting front pages for magazines. His first major editorial break came with his now-iconic story, "The Egg" published in The Face in 1997. The still-startling abstraction in this story has remained central to his approach to photographing the body, with its emphasis on form and shape. His influences are stated as stemming from photographers such as Bill Brandt, Edward Weston, and Irving Penn".[1]


John Akehurst's editorial and advertising clients include L'Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, Dove, Olay, Cacharel, Gap, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nina Ricci Perfume, Costume National, Michael Kors, Byblos, Gucci accessories, Miu Miu, Aveda, Givenchy Perfume, Shiseido, Hush Puppies, Kylie Underwear, Wella, and Evian. His editorial clients include Vogue (British, China, French, German, Russian, and Japanese), Elle France, Arena Homme Plus, Pop, Mixte, Numéro, 10, Big, Self Service and the Face at the time.[2]



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