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John Anders Johnson was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and the Wisconsin State Senate.[1]


Johnson was born in Telemark, Norway on April 15, 1832. In 1852, he moved with his family to Pleasant Springs, Wisconsin. He married Karen Kristie Thompson in 1856. They would have a daughter before her death in 1860. On October 31, 1861, Johnson married Kaia Nicoline Marie Kildahl. They would have six children. He died of a stomach ulcer on November 10, 1901 and was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery.


Johnson was a member of the Assembly in 1857. He served as Clerk of Dane County, Wisconsin from 1861 to 1869. From 1873 to 1874, he was a member of the Senate. Other positions Johnson held include Town Clerk and Town Chairman of Pleasant Springs and justice of the peace.

Outside politics Johnson owned a company that produced farm machinery, having previously been a farmer.


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