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John Avanzini
John F. Avanzini

(1936-05-21) May 21, 1936 (age 82)
OccupationEvangelist, Faith healer, Television personality, author, motivational speaker, life coach
EmployerAvanzini Ministries (founder and president)
Known forCo-Founder of John Avanzini Ministries, Corpus Christi, TX
President, John Avanzini Ministries
TitleDr. John Avanzini

Dr. John Avanzini (born in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America on May 21, 1936[1]) is an American televangelist and "Word of Faith" Bible teacher who preaches a message of financial prosperity. Avanzini who was raised in Lake Jackson, Texas, has his present ministry, which he began in 1988, based in nearby Corpus Christi, Texas.[2] Central to his teachings is his claim that Jesus and his followers were rich and that the believer is promised wealth.[3] He received his doctorate degree from Baptist Christian University in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has 5 grown children one of whom happens to run his ministry, David Avanzini.

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