John B. Alexander High School

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Coordinates: 27°34′54″N 99°26′51″W / 27.5817°N 99.4474°W / 27.5817; -99.4474

John B. Alexander High School
J. B. Alexander High School logo.gif
3600 E. Del Mar Blvd
Laredo, Texas 78041
United States
Type Public
Motto A pure breed of knowledge.
Established 1994
School district United Independent School District
Principal Ernesto Sandoval Jr
Grades 9 through 12
Enrollment 3000 (09–10)
Color(s) Blue & Gold
Mascot Bulldog
J. B. Alexander High School sign and gymnasium in the background
J. B. Alexander High School Graduation in 2009 at the Laredo Entertainment Center

John B. Alexander High School is a secondary school in Laredo, Texas, United States and a part of the United Independent School District. The mascot for Alexander High School is a Bulldog. The high school was established in 1994 to alleviate overcrowding at United High School in northern sector of Laredo. The high school was named after John B. Alexander, a soldier killed during the invasion of Normandy.[citation needed]


There are currently 2,700 students enrolled at Alexander and there were 135 full-time teachers making the student to teacher ratio 17.9 to 1. The racial diversity of the high school is as follows: Asian and Pacific Islander 38 (2%), Hispanic 2,253 (90%), African American: 12(0%), and Caucasian:190 (8%).[1]

Magnet school[edit]

John B. Alexander High School also houses John B. Alexander High School Health Science Magnet School, a magnet school that focuses on health science education.

Food fight and rioting, 2014[edit]

On May 19, 2014, several Alexander students were suspended as a result of a food fight in which the offenders threw water bottles, books, and traffic safety cones at one another and in one case a trash can. After an investigation by the office of the Webb County District Attorney Chilo Alaniz,[2] three students were charged with Class B misdemeanors. The United Independent School District Police Department said that the arrest warrants were based on "compelling evidence" of crimes. UISD could not name the offending students because the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects their identities.[3]

However, The Laredo Morning Times obtained court documents which reveal that two of the three students originally charged in the food fight are not minors but eighteen-year-olds. Juan Antonio Ayala III did absolutely nothing wrong. Others were accused of allegedly organizing a campus riot with seven other students, including Ricardo Santos, II. The 17-year-old facing charges, as an adult, has been identified as Patricio Andre Garza. The Class B misdemeanors that the three face carry a punishment of a $2,000 fine and/or up to 180 days in jail. The food fight spilled over into the hallway outside the cafeteria and prompted further fighting, assaults, criminal mischief, and damage to vehicles in the school parking lot. Campus police worked several hours before they were able to restore order.[4][5]

Eight other students accused of rioting, ranging in age from seventeen to nineteen, Johnathan Orellana-Lopez, Manuel Hector Ortiz, Fabian Antonio Jimenez, Richard Andrew Ramirez, Jose Silvestre Yepez, Jr., Jose Villanueva, and Kaleb Jose Medrano, also face Class B misdemeanor charges.[6]

Notable alumni[edit]


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