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This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the John B. Campbell Handicap, an American stakes race for horses three years old and older at 1-1/8 miles (9 furlongs) on the dirt held at Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, Maryland.[1] (List 1954-present)

2021 Bankit Galerio Cordmaker 8
2020 Alwaysmining Monongahela Someday Jones 6
2019 Bonus Points Monongahela Unbridled Juan 12
2018 Afleet Willy Zenotti Dattt Melody 6
2017 Bodhisattva Page McKinney Charitable Annuity 9
2016 Kid Cruz Souper Lucky Kobel 10
2015 Page McKenney Behemoth A. P. Cino 11
2014 Behemoth Managed Account Concealed Identity 5
2013 Concealed Identity Norman Asbjornson Service for Ten 6
2012 Jimanator Thunder Lord Heart Butte 6
2011 Alma d'Oro Fonda Ronda Won Auctoritas 6
2010 Redding Colliery Indian Dance Atoned 9
2009 Richard's Kid Bullsbay PV Lightening n/a
2008 Nite Light Happy Sunrise Angliana n/a
2007 Future Fantasy Due Bank President n/a
2006 Your Bluffing Water Cannon Whats What n/a
2005 Coast Line Offlee Wild Ole Faunty n/a
2004 Old Faunty Evening Attire Rogue Agent n/a
2003 Tempest Fugit Quiet Gratitude Lyracist n/a
2002 Lyracist Private Ryan Top Official n/a
2001 Do I Ever Tibado Top Official n/a
2000 Salty Note Leave It to Beezer Over tu You n/a
1999 Crosspatch Waited Carta de Amor n/a
1998 Hot Brush Fireside Brass Praise Heaven n/a
1997 Traffic Circle Clash by Night Meadow Lad n/a
1996 Sunny Sunrise Western Echo Knockadoon n/a
1995 Ameri Valay Dixie Hero South Bend n/a
1994 Ameri Valay Greatsilverfleet Super Memory n/a
1993 Sunny Sunrise Ibex Ameri Valay n/a
1992 Sunny Sunrise Valley Crossing Makin Money n/a
1991 J. R.'s Horizon Reputed Testamony Loyal Pal n/a
1990 Jet Stream Flaming Emperor Silano n/a
1989 Little Bold John Templar Hill Finder's Choice n/a
1988 Manzotti Ron Stevens Little Bold John n/a
1987 Broad Brush Proud Debonair Little Bold John n/a
1986 Skip Trial Regal Count Majestic Solo n/a
1985 Imp Society Moro Light Spirits n/a
1984 Island Champ Forceful Intent Luxuriant Man n/a
1983 Recusant Hail Emperor Appeal Approved n/a
1982 Majesty's World Sunny Winters Thirty Eight Paces n/a
1981 Relaxing Irish Tower Peat Moss n/a
1980 Pole Position Majesty's World Frejus n/a
1979 Mister Brea Ripon Silent Cal n/a
1978 Ripon Resound Gala Harry n/a
1977 No Race No Race No Race n/a
1976 Festive Mood Right Mind Jolly Johu n/a
1975 Jolly Johu Spirit Rock Continuous Count n/a
1974 True Knight Delay Ecole Etage n/a
1973 # Vertee Amber Hawk Favorecidian n/a
1973 # Delay Lexington Park Burning On n/a
1972 # Favorecidian Pro Bidder Archie Spears n/a
1972 # Boone the Great Never Wink Towzie Tyke n/a
1971 Bushido Never Bow True North n/a
1970 # Best Turn Sea Castle North Flight n/a
1970 # Mitey Prince Bushido Spring Double n/a
1969 Juvenile John Barbs Delight Iron Ruler n/a
1968 In Reality Barbs Delight Peter Piper n/a
1967 Quinta Model Fool Exceedingly n/a
1966 Tosmah Just About Tornado n/a
1965 Lt. Stevens Knightly Manner Viking Spirits n/a
1964 Mongo Gun Bow Uppercut n/a
1963 Kelso Crimson Satan Gushing Wind n/a
1962 Yorktown Globemaster Beau Prince n/a
1961 Conestoga April Skies All Hands n/a
1960 Yes You Will Restless Wind Amerigo n/a
1959 Vertex Backbone Talent Show n/a
1958 Promised Land Find Bernburgoo n/a
1957 Dedicate Third Brother Akbar Khan n/a
1956 Sailor Joe Jones Fisherman n/a
1955 Social Outcast Fisherman Helioscope n/a
1954 Joe Jones Impasse Prince Hill n/a

A # designates that the race was run in two divisions in 1973, 1972 and 1970.


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