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John B. Ford (born 1963) is a British horror writer and publisher. An introverted youth, he left school at the age of 16. He spent the next sixteen years performing a variety of jobs, including those of a car park attendant and a factory laborer.

He turned to writing on New Year’s Day 1995, after suffering from a massive panic attack. His birth name, used prior to the attack, has been a well-guarded secret.[citation needed]

His fiction focuses on the themes of death and madness and is often written in the atmospheric styles of William Hope Hodgson, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert W. Chambers and M.P. Shiel.

In 1996 he established BJM Press (Big Jolly Man Press), launched Terror Tales magazine, and published a series of chapbooks by such horror writers as Michael Pendragon (Nightscapes, 1999), Paul Bradshaw (Reservoir of Dreams, 2000), Steve Lines (Dreams of a Diseased Mind, 2000), Paul Kane (Alone in the Dark, 2000), Paul Finch (By the Gas Flame Flickering, 2001), David Price (The Evil Eye, 2001) and Quentin S. Crisp (The Nightmare Exhibition, 2001).

His magazine, Terror Tales, has a strong cult following.

In 2001, he and Steve Lines of Rainfall Records collaborated to create Rainfall Records and Books, which continues to publish horror books.[1]

Published works[edit]

Short Stories and Poetry[edit]

  • The Cemetery Of The Ocean, The Doppelganger Broadsheet, February 1996
  • The Midnight Caller, Really Quite Cosmic, February 1996
  • The Rose Of Lamia, Footsteps, April 1996
  • The Illusion Of Life, Saccade, May 1996
  • Tongue Tied, Bats And Red Velvet, May 1996
  • The Sea Of Strangeness, Really Quite Cosmic, July 1996
  • Long Black Hairy Legs, The Doppelganger Broadsheet—November 1996
  • Destiny, The Sky's Gone Out, November 1996
  • In The House Of Chained Souls, Black Planet, November 1996
  • A Visit To The Gooja Bird, Reader's Feast, December 1996
  • The Illusion Of Life, Sink Full Of Dishes, December 1996
  • In The House Of Chained Souls, The Doppelganger Broadsheet, December 1996
  • The Illusion Of Death, Strix, December 1996
  • Grondak, Writers' Express, February 1996
  • Love Hearts, Unreal Dreams, March 1997
  • The Menace Of Manifold Valley, The Doppelganger Broadsheet, March 1997
  • Life On Ice, Odyssey, April 1997
  • The Illusion Of Life, Peninsular, April 1997
  • Dead Man's Handle, Nasty Piece Of Work, June 1997
  • The Darkest Of All Healings, Strix, July 1997
  • The Illusion Of Life, Penny Dreadful, August 1997
  • The Lucky Man From Atlantis, Flickers `n' Frames, August 1997
  • The Man Who Drank Death, Visions, August 1997
  • A Visit To The Gooja Bird, Lateral Moves, August 1997
  • Strange One Off The Rails, Unreal Dreams—August 1997
  • The Halloween House, Oktobyr, October 1997
  • The Curse, Nightchillers, October 1997
  • The Cemetery Of The Ocean, Unreal Dreams, October 1997
  • The Song Of Weeping, The Doppelganger Broadsheet—December 1997
  • Satanic Rose With Crimson Bud, Tales Of The Arabesque And Grotesque, December 1997
  • The Keeper Of Souls, Strix, December 1997
  • The Men Who Glowed, Scared To Death, December 1997
  • The Rose Of Lamia, Penny Dreadful, January 1998
  • Black Snakes And Rats, Saccade, February 1998
  • The Superintendent Of Death, Scared To Death, March 1998
  • Transfiguration, Tales Of The Arabesque And Grotesque, April 1998
  • The Song Of Weeping, Strix, April 1998
  • The Sea Of Strangeness, Penny Dreadful, May 1998
  • The Things In The Weed, Scared To Death, June 1998
  • The Song Of Weeping, Scared To Death, June 1998
  • Satanic Rose With Crimson Bud, Scared To Death, June 1998
  • To Dwell On Tainted Ground, Enigmatic Tales, June 1998
  • In The House Of Chained Souls, Sackcloth And Ashes, September 1998
  • A Visit To The Gooja Bird, Strix, September 1998
  • The Curse, Penny Dreadful, September 1998
  • My Lady Of Starlight, Writers Express, September 1998
  • The Rose Of Lamia, Unreal Dreams, September 1998
  • Destiny, Sierra Heaven, October 1998
  • The Man With Electric Balls, Tales Of the Grotesque and Arabesque, October 1998
  • The Church Of Unholiness, Oktobyr, October 1998
  • My Lady Azia, (Written With Richard Bennet) Terror Tales, December 1998
  • The Pools Of Sadness, The Dream Zone, December 1998
  • The Illusion Of Life, Roadworks, Jan 1999
  • Earth Spirit, The Doppelganger Broadsheet, January 1999
  • The Island Of The Undead, Strix, January 1999
  • The Darkest Of All Healings, Penny Dreadful, February 1999
  • Sweet And Sour Dreams, The Dream Zone—March 1999
  • The Midnight Caller, Penny Dreadful—June 1999
  • Dead Things (with Paul Bradshaw), Dead Things Magazine, July 1999
  • Sex Dwarf And The Disco Dollies, Charnel House, July 1999
  • The Cycle (with Joe Rattigan), Strix, July 1999
  • The Island of The Undead, Monomyth, July 1999
  • A Visit To The Gooja Bird, Songs of Innocence, August 1999
  • Strange One Off The Rails, Penny Dreadful, October 1999
  • Croxton's Return (written with Derek M. Fox) Enigmatic Tales, December 1999
  • The Nightmare Plot (written with Gary Greenwood), The Dream Zone, February 2000
  • Soul Light, Songs of Innocence, February 2000
  • The Song Of Weeping, Penny Dreadful, April 2000
  • Giving You The Eye, Penny Dreadful, April 2000
  • The Maze For Jaded Brains, Redsine, April 2000
  • Doctor Calargi's Black Box, Roadworks, May 2000
  • The Eternally Descending Blade, Dream Zone, June 2000
  • Earth Spirit—Songs Of Innocence, August 2000
  • Mrs Drasic's Farewell Party (Written with Eddie M. Angerhuber), Nocturnal Products, 2002
  • Behind The Painted Face, Shadow Writers #1, October 2002
  • A Box Full Of Nightmares, Penny Dreadful, April 2005


Within The Sea Of The Dead, BJM Press, 1996
The Derelict Of Death (Written With Simon Clark), BJM Press, 1998
Macabre Delights And Twisted Tales, BJM Press, 1997
Ghouls And Gore And Twisted Terrors, BJM Press, 1998
Death Songs of Carcosa (with Steve Lines), Rainfall Books, April 2006


Dark Shadows On The Moon, story collection, Hive Press, 2001
Tales Of Devilry And Doom, story collection, Rainfall Books, 2001
The Evil Entwines, collaborative stories, Hardcastle Books, 2002
The Haunted Ocean, Novella, Rainfall Books, 2004


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