John B. Romar

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John B. Romar
13th Mayor of Jersey City
In office
May 5, 1862 – May 1, 1864
Preceded by Cornelius Van Vorst
Succeeded by Orestes Cleveland
Personal details
Died before 1901
Spouse(s) Melvina
Residence Jersey City, New Jersey

John B. Romar was the thirteenth Mayor of Jersey City. He succeeded Cornelius Van Vorst. Romar served from May 5, 1862 to May 1, 1864. He was succeeded by Orestes Cleveland.


Romar was known as Jersey City's "War Mayor" due to his actions to secure a $6 per month allowance to the family of every volunteer in the American Civil War. Romar personally collected and distributed these funds to the families of Jersey City while in office.[2] In 1877, Romar ran for a seat on the Jersey City Board of Alderman, but was defeated by David W. Lawrence.[3]


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