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John Bach McMaster

John Bach McMaster (June 29, 1852 – May 24, 1932) was an American historian.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York.[1] His father, a native of New York, was a banker and planter at New Orleans at the beginning of the Civil War.[2] He graduated from the College of the City of New York in 1872, worked as a civil engineer in 1873-1877, was instructor in civil engineering at Princeton University in 1877-1883, and in 1883 became professor of American history in the University of Pennsylvania.[1]

He is best known for his History of the People of the United States from the Revolution to the Civil War (1883 sqq.), a valuable supplement to the more purely political writings of James Schouler, Von Holst and Henry Adams.[1] He began working on it in 1873, having collected material since 1870.[2] His A School History of the United States (1897) was an extremely popular textbook for many years.[1] Besides these books and numerous magazine articles, he wrote Life of Benjamin Franklin in the "Men of Letters" series (Boston, 1887).[2] He is also known for his book The United States in the World War



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