John Bailey Denton

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John Bailey Denton
Born (1814-11-26)November 26, 1814
Died November 19, 1893(1893-11-19) (aged 78)
Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Nationality British
Fields Surveyor,
Civil engineer
Known for Railway surveying, water & sewage engineering, legislation, author

John Bailey Denton (1814–1893) M. Inst. C.E.; F.G.S., was a British surveyor and civil engineer.[1]


When discussing the value of sewage, Denton records that Jean-Baptiste Boussingault, a chemist, demonstrated that a harvest of 800 pounds (360 kg) of wheat and 900 pounds (410 kg) of barley can be obtained from the nearly 16 pounds (7.3 kg) of nitrogen an adult's body-waste produces yearly.[2] In addition, 9s (£44 at present worth[3] as of 2017) was calculated by Dr. Augustus Voelcker, the consulting chemist for the Royal Agricultural Society of England, to be the annual value of ammonia and phosphates excreted per head.[4]


Honorary member of the R.A.S.S. of Denmark, Sweden, and Hanover.[5]

List of publications[edit]

This list is taken from ODNB[1] and Works by Mr Bailey-Denton, M. Inst. C.E.; F.G.S., in Sewage Disposal (1895).[5]

  • (1842) What Can now be Done for British Agriculture?
  • (1849) Sewerage of London
  • (1854) Land Drainage and drainage Systems
  • (1855) Underdrainage of Land; its progress and results (Society of Arts Medal)
  • (1857) Road-Making (Prize Essay)
  • (1858) The effect of Underdrainage on Arterial Channels and Outfalls
  • (1863) The Discharge from Underdrainage (Telford Medal, Institution of Civil Engineers.)
  • (1864) The Farm Homesteads of England
  • (1865) The importance of Shelter and Covering at Homesteads in certain Districts of Great Britain
  • (1865) The Marshes of South Italy
  • (1866) The Water Question
  • (1868) The Agricultural Labourer
  • (1869) Sanitary Works
  • (1870) Sewage Farming
  • (1871) Sewage the Fertilizer of Land, and Land the Purifier of Sewage
  • (1872) Underdrainage and the steps taken to develop and maintain its effects
  • (1873) Intermittent Downward Filtration and Irrigation
  • (1874) Sanitary Science applied to Towns and Rural Districts
  • (1874) Storage of Water
  • (1877) Sanitary Engineering
  • (1881) Sewage Disposal


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