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John Baker

John Baker is a British author. He was born in 1942 in the city of Hull, in the North of England. To date he has published ten novels, many of them set in either Hull or York.


  • Poet in the Gutter (1995)
  • Death Minus Zero (1996)
  • King of the Streets (1998)
  • Walking with Ghosts (1999)
  • The Chinese Girl (2000)
  • Shooting in the Dark (2001)
  • The Meanest Flood (2003)
  • White Skin Man (2004)
  • Winged with Death (2009)
  • Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday (2009)

Current project[edit]

His latest novel is entitled, Winged with Death, and deals with time and tango and revolution. Set simultaneously in Montevideo in the seventies and the North of England in the present time, the plot revolves around abduction and denial. Winged with Death was published by Flambard Press in March 2009.


John Baker comments on the craft of writing and reading, film, politics, theatre, music and general cultural topics on johnbakersblog [1]. He is also a member of the 9rules [2] writing community and has contributed to newcritics [3].

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