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This image is of John Barber, speaking in front of a green backdrop.
John Barber in June 2014.

John Barber is a digital artist and scholar based in Vancouver, Washington. He is predominantly focused on sound art.

Artistic career[edit]

Barber's sound art has been featured in a number of international festivals and exhibitions.

In 2010, Sounds of My Life featured at Lisbon's annual RadiaLx International Festival of Radio Art,[1] and event to which Barber's work returned in 2012 with Tell Me A Story.[2] In 2013, Between Sleep and Dreams was included in events across Canada, Estonia,[3] and Portugal.[4] In 2017, Barber's work was included in the Audiograft International Festival of Experimental Music and Sound hosted by Oxford Brookes University[5][6] and Brazil's Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica.[7]

In 2017, New Binary Press published Remembering the Dead: Northern Ireland,[8] which pays tribute to those killed during "the Troubles".


As a scholar of media art and digital storytelling, Barber has been published in a range of journals and academic volumes, including Digital Humanities Quarterly,[9] The Mobile Story,[10] and Transdisciplinary Digital Art.[11]

In 2001, he co-edited New worlds, new words: Exploring Pathways for Writing about and in Electronic Environments with Dene Grigar,[12] while he has also edited a book and completed an annotated bibliography on Richard Brautigan.[13][14]


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