John Barrow (Little Rock)

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The John Barrow Addition of Little Rock, Arkansas (often simply referred to as John Barrow) is a neighborhood in the western portion of the city. Taking its name from the area's chief thoroughfare, John Barrow Road, the area is bordered on the north by Briarwood, and on the south by Rosedale. To the west lies Baptist Health Medical Center and its environs, as well as small residential areas including Twin Lakes. To the east lie Broadmoor and the vicinity surrounding the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. John Barrow is also home to Arkansas Rap Music Legend Diago Fayne, Also known as "Playboy Shane".

John Barrow is a transition neighborhood, progressing from state-of-the-art medical facilities and office complexes to lower-income single-family housing. Dotted throughout the area are businesses that are evidence of an increasing Hispanic population in Little Rock (also noticeable in Rosedale and Southwest Little Rock), specializing in authentic Mexican foods and crafts. Also central to the neighborhood are the local schools, Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School and Henderson Health Sciences Magnet Middle School, and mortgage loan processing facilities for the largest Arkansas-based bank holding company, Arvest Bank.

Coordinates: 34°43′26″N 92°23′10″W / 34.72401°N 92.38606°W / 34.72401; -92.38606