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John Bartholomew (1805-1861)
JohnBartholomew sr sm.jpg
Cartographer and Engraver
Born (1805-04-26)26 April 1805
Died 8 April 1861(1861-04-08) (aged 55)
Bartholomew grave, Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh

John Bartholomew, Sr. (April 26, 1805 – April 8, 1861) was a Scottish cartographer and engraver.

The son of George Bartholomew, engraver (1784–1871), John founded the engraving and mapmaking firm of John Bartholomew and Son Ltd. in 1826.

He was a veritable master copper plate engraver. He engraved some fine maps for local firms, such as street maps for Lizars, others for the Encyclopædia Britannica and for some educational publishers like A & C Black.[1] He was commissioned to engrave the map of Treasure Island for Robert Louis Stevenson.

John Sr. was the ideal person to inaugurate what became one of the most admired cartographic institutions in the world. A man of high standards, as were his successors; he was a superb engraver, engraving becoming the foundation of the firm; lithography would follow later. He also had the vision to recognise the potential for the firm. He was a shy man, holding back from public life.

In 1832-3 James was living at 4 East St James Street (demolished to build the St James Centre).[2]

In 1859, shortly before he died, John Senior passed the business on to his son John Bartholomew Junior (1831–1893).

He is buried with his wife, Margaret McGregor in the north-west section of Grange Cemetery. His son and his wife are buried with him.

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