John Bell (bowls)

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John Bell
Personal information
Nationality  England
Born (1947-01-14) 14 January 1947 (age 71)

John Bell is a former English lawn and indoor bowler and commentator born on 14 January 1947.

Bell made his first appearance in the National Championships at Mortlake in 1966 when he was just 18. He won National Championship titles in the singles in 1983, the triples in 1976 and pairs and triples in 1991.[1]

Bell's finest moments came when he won the Fours Gold Medal at the 1984 World Outdoor Bowls Championships[2] and 1996 World Outdoor Bowls Championships.[3]

He bowled for the Wigton Club (outdoors) and the Cumbria Club in Carlisle (indoors).[4] In the mid eighties he joined the BBC bowls commentary team.[5]


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